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To prepare for 2018 bargaining

We are holding a Disney Membership Meeting to discuss strategy for 2018 bargaining. We urge everyone to attend. A large turnout will send a strong message to Disney that we are strong and united for a contract which fairly compensates you and recognizes your day to day hard work. Date: Monday, March 19, 2018 Times: 9am and 6pm Location: UFCW 324 Upstairs Auditorium 8530 Stanton Avenue, Buena Park, CA...

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GOP NLRB Majority Reverses Pro-Worker Decisions (part 2)

A PAI Special Report: By Mark Gruenberg PAI Staff Writer Part 2 in a 3-part series GOP NLRB MAJORITY REVERSES PRO-WORKER DECISIONS In the few months in 2017 the three GOP appointees to the National Labor Relations Board enjoyed a majority – before holdover Philip Miscimarra retired, producing a 2-2 tie – they rolled back several major labor protections. Among those to fall by the wayside were the right to organize parts of plants, rather than full factories and holding joint employers – both local franchises and corporate headquarters of the same firm, such as McDonald’s – responsible for...

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