1. SIGN A CARD We must prove to the Federal Government that there is substantial interest among the employees to conduct a union representation election. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) requires that at least 30% of the employees sign the “authorization card” before an election can take place.

PLEASE NOTE: Signing a card does not make you a member!
PLEASE NOTE: Signing a card does not say that you pay fees!
PLEASE NOTE: These cards Are Not Seen By Your Employer!

Download Authorization Card HERE.

2. SUBMIT PETITION When the employees have signed the cards, we will submit a petition to the NLRB requesting a secret election take place at your work site. When the petition is submitted, the union will specify which employees are eligible to vote.

3. NLRB HEARING If your employer does not agree with the petition, the NLRB can conduct a hearing to determine which employees will be permitted to vote in the election.

4. ELECTION (1st Vote) An agent from the NLRB will conduct a secret election at your work site. Management is not allowed near the election area and you do not write your name on the ballot. When the election is finished, the agent will count the votes and when the Union receives the majority of the votes your employer, by law, will have to negotiate a contract in good faith.

5. NEGOTIATIONS You and your fellow co-workers will attend meetings to decide what specific benefits you would like to have in your first contract. Negotiations are a series of meetings between the Union and the Employer to develop a contract.

6. VOTE TO ACCEPT THE CONTRACT (2nd Vote) When a contract is negotiated the union will set a meeting to thoroughly explain the contract and give you the opportunity to accept or reject the offer. Thirty (30) days after ratification you will become a union member.

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