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Taking to the streets

With negotiations for a new contract stalled, union members at Rite Aid have hit the streets.  Armed with flyers directing people where to go for more detailed information, members have been reaching out directly to the company’s customers. Thousands of Rite Aid’s loyal clients have already signed a petition urging Rite Aid to bargain fairly and to treat workers with the respect they...

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Rite Aid Hand Billing Monday, July 16

Rite Aid members are in need of your help. RITE AID NEGOTIATION UPDATE The Rite Aid corporation’s contract offer did not substantially change. It is still bad for members: Insulting wage proposal Eliminates full-time positions Eliminates health care for up to 70% of employees The company management refuses to be fair with you and your contract. Despite pursuing a hugely profitable $24 billion merger with mega-grocery giant Albertson’s, Rite Aid is still trying to take away fair pay, health care benefits, and hours. Further negotiations are scheduled for later next week. Your union is exploring methods to force management...

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