The UFCW has devised a program that adds a unique new dimension to organizing efforts. The program enlists rank-and-file members to serve as SPURs  – (Special Project Union Representatives), for organizing.

Once approved, SPURs will be taken out of their company on a Union leave of absence. SPURs are intended to be involved primarily in organizing for no less than 30 days and no more than one year.

Expected Activities Include:

  • Working on a specific organizing program making home calls, doing research, hand billing, and educating workers about the benefits of Union membership.
  • Attending Rallies and/or Press Conferences.
  • Developing blitzes and following up on organizing leads at non-union stores and plants.
  • Attending City Council Meetings.

SPURs return to their bargaining unit upon completion of their Union leave of absence. This means that you have the ability to go back to the company that you worked for prior to your assignment with the exact same wages, hours, benefits and position.

If you are interested in becoming a SPUR please call (714) 995-4601 ext. 224.