Working off the clock may cost you your job

As union Reps, we constantly lecture and warn our members’ not to work off the clock. The term “work off the clock” simply means that you are working for free. Working off the clock is

Relief Periods (Breaks)

It is very important to follow the rules established by your employer when taking your breaks. Your contract spells out exactly the time that you are allowed to take, depending on

How seniority works

As most of you have heard by either watching the news or reading the local paper, a major food employer, Albertsons, is laying off workers again. This is the second layoff in just the

Knowing your rights in case of a work related injury

Work place injuries in a Retail Food Industry are common and range from a small cut requiring a Band-Aid to something very serious requiring hospitalization and even surgery.

Forced Vacations

We have seen an increase number of companies requiring our members to schedule and take all earned vacations. Evan though it is a good idea to take all the vacation that you have

Sweep logs

Your company maintains sweep logs to protect themselves from slip and fall lawsuits. This is the primary reason, but they also want to have a clean and safe store for their

Food Division- Holidays and Pay

The holiday season is approaching and we generally get an increased amount of questions about holidays covered under the Food Contract. There are two distinct groups of

Holiday pay and holiday week overtime – Food Division

As the holiday season approaches, our office normally receives numerous calls about holiday pay and overtime on a holiday week. Holidays differ depending on when you were

G.M. crossover pay (Food Division)

When hours for Food Clerks become tight due to budget restraints, management tends to rely more and more on General Merchandise (G.M.) clerks crossing over to the Food

Emergency Leaves and Funeral Leave Pay – Food Division

One of the most stressful times in our lives can be when we experience a critical illness, injury or death in our immediate family. When members call their Representative or this office