We believe in fairness, community, and are driven by the principle that EVERYONE has the right to strengthen their work place.

Union membership guarantees worker protections secured through a legal contract, negotiated with workers, union, and management. Below are a few benefits of union membership from our existing cannabis contracts.

In the growing cannabis sector, the hard work of dispensary, cultivating, and manufacturing workers is what makes the industry thrive. The United Food and Commercial Workers Union understands this and has for many years been leading efforts across the country to make sure workers are not left behind. Strong wages, benefits and empowering workers is a priority for UFCW and has secured these worker protections through a union contract.

Together with workers, elected officials, and cannabis shop owners, UFCW Local 324 continuously supports efforts to implement high worker standards, fair regulations, and strong communities in Orange and Los Angeles Counties.


“I couldn’t imagine working in any other industry. There is no better feeling than having a customer come back and say that the product you recommended really helped. I feel confident I can have a career in the industry thanks to the union benefits and protections.”
-Union Member at Mr. Nice Guy


“I love working in cannabis! I made it my career choice seven years ago and haven’t turned back. It’s inspiring to see the growth we’ve made over the past three to four years in this industry. I would’ve never imagined going union. It’s benefitted our employees/staff tremendously.”
-Union Member at Catalyst Cannabis

Supporting Good Policies
& Empowering Workers

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For more information on how you can get involved with UFCW Local 324, please fill out the form or contact our Organizing Cannabis Division Representative Andrew Hausermann at (714) 769-4853 or CLICK TO EMAIL.

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Working Voices of UFCW 324 Podcast: Cannabis Episode

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