President- Lou Cruz (714)325-2847
1st Vice President- Carol Cluck (714) 539-6090
2nd Vice President- Barbara Cortez (714) 527-2912
Corresponding Secretary- Diana Eastman (714) 528-6720
Recording Secretary- Mary Hulin (760) 964-4023
Treasurer- Kay Crawford (714) 827-8698
Sergeant-at-Arms #1- Don Tanner (714) 828-2056
Sergeant-at-Arms #2- Allan Hesse (714) 403-6305
Member-at-Large #1- Tom Alderson (562) 596-4893
Member-at-Large #2- Bonnie Ladbury (714) 527-7009
Member-at-Large #3- George Beasley (562) 598-2967
Member-at-Large #4- Judy Clarkson
Member-at-Large #5- Eddie Marshall (562) 427-4033


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Active Member: Any member of UFCW Local 324 who is retired; 50 years old or older; retired because of total disability, whether receiving a pension or not; and who resides within the jurisdiction of UFCW Local 324; or is a retiree from UFCW Local 324 who resides elsewhere.

Associate Member: The spouse or domestic partner of an Active Member. An Active Associate Member has all the privileges of an Active Member. (ie they can vote and can hold office as a Member-at-Large) Active Associate Members pay the same dues as Active Members.

Affiliate Member: An Affiliate Member is an individual who was active in a union affiliated with UFCW 324. (ie Teamsters, Bakery & Confection Workers, etc.) Affiliate Members pay the same dues as Active Members. Affiliate Members cannot vote or hold office.

Companion Member: This classification was established for providing a “companion” for members needing assistance and single members who wish to have a friend share with them as a companion. Companion members pay the same dues as Active Members. Companion Members cannot vote or hold office.

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