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Not only is it important to vote in presidential elections: your vote has even more impact on the local level, whether it’s taxes, schools, city government or voter initiatives. It’s all the more reason to be registered. Many of the things that affect your neighborhoods, your city, your state and nation also can play an important role in your work environment. Local 324 encourages all eligible members to register to vote and actively participate in the civic process.

Active Ballot Club

Unions are deeply involved in the political process largely because the political process so often involves working men and women. Money is perhaps the most important part of the process. By contributing money to pro-labor candidates for office, Organized Labor guarantees itself a seat at the table when state legislatures or Congress debates changing laws that will directly impact you. That money, however, does not come from union dues, as many opponents of unions would like you to think. It comes only from voluntary contributions by members.

Those voluntary contributions most often come in the form of a $1.00 a week payroll deduction to the union’s Political Action Club.

Without people from our industry having a voice in such critical legislation such as health care reform, pension reform or job safety just to name a few, the outcome of these laws would surely be unfavorable to UFCW members. Instead, experienced professionals who know the process and the people involved are always there to be sure your voice is heard by lawmakers.

Find Your Elected Official

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Process for recommending candidates

Local 324 in conjunction with the Orange and Los Angeles County Federation of Labor require all candidates to complete a detailed questionnaire. These questionnaires require candidates to respond to issues that effect union members and all working families. After receiving the completed questionnaires, a formal interview with each candidate is scheduled. The candidates are questioned about their responses on their questionnaire as well as current issues affecting our members. At the conclusion of the interviews the respective labor federations make recommendations of candidates to the affiliate unions.

Candidates who support our members and their families are recommended to the membership. Many times Local 324 will compare the competing candidates. These candidate comparisons in the U-Mag, Local 324 web site or through direct mail are to allow our members to make an informed decision on the upcoming election.