UFCW Magazine is an online publication that provides members of UFCW 324 with the latest news and information on a variety of topics including labor news, contracts and negotiations, health and safety, community events, and more. The publication is published quarterly and texted to UFCW 324 members.

324 Leaders is the digital newsletter highlighting member leaders in your workplace.

The digital newsletter features stories about leaders in the your workplaces. It will also highlight members who have made significant contributions to their stores and exemplify the highest levels of leadership and skill. Readers will gain a better understanding of the values, leadership skills, and the added value they bring to their union.

The Cannabis Division newsletter covers new cannabis locations, legislation in the cannabis industry and more, including newly unionized locations in Long Beach, Santa Ana, and Costa Mesa; updates on the latest developments in the industry, information and analysis on the legal and regulatory environment, and interviews with union cannabis members.

The Disney-Resort Reporter newsletter covers issues Disney Cast Members face, union negotiations, contract questions, and interviews with Disney Cast Members. The newsletter is designed to help Cast Members stay informed about what’s happening in the parks and in their union.

The Kaiser newsletter is a labor newsletter produced for UFCW 324 members. The newsletter covers union negotiations, contract questions, and interviews with union members. The newsletter is designed to educate, and keep union members informed about their union and workplace benefits and safety.

The UFCW 324 Safety 101 newsletter features tips to stay safe in the workplace and educates members on CAL OSHA regulations.

The newsletter covers topics such as: common workplace hazards, identification of common hazards and how to spot them, proper use of protective equipment, filing a complaint or injury report, general education on safety issues, mental health and workplace harassment resources, workplace drug and alcohol policies, and how UFCW 324 is making a difference in workplace safety.