Member of the Week: Patti Bruha

Patti Bruha of Rite Aid has been a pharmacist for 35 years. She grew up in Wisconsin and got her degree at the University of Madison. After interning she grew tired of the weather and moved to the warm shores of California.

Bruha worked for Thrifty which then became Rite Aid as a Pharmacist from the get-go. As a pharmacist she floats to several stores in Orange County. She became a steward 12-15 years ago.

Bruha is an active member of Local 324 in many ways. Not only is she a union steward, but she also holds a position on the executive board, and had a seat on the Professional Relations Board dealing directly with Rite-Aid and issues that plague Pharmicists.

Q: What is it you like most about your job?

A: “I like the customers and my co-workers. It’s refreshing to meet the interns and those going through school and learn their perspectives on things.”

Bruha’s hobbies include playing poker, golfing, riding her bike, reading and playing any sport she can. Bruha has participated in the Long Beach Marathon (5k and 10k), as well as the AIDS Ride cycle tour from San Francisco to Los Angeles (580 miles).

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