U Magazine hits email boxes in time for election

U Magazine hits email boxes in time for election

With the 2020 general election less than a month away, the Fall edition of U Magazine has hit the street—or in this case, your screens.

The second digital edition of our union’s official publication is devoted exclusively to politics.  If you are a member then you probably received a text alerting you. Accessing the magazine is as simple as clicking on the link. But for those who like to spend more time peering in awe at the words of wisdom splashed across every page, downloading it is also an option.

The political nature of this issue has been a long time coming.  It is important to discuss and inform our membership, how politics and policies directly impact America’s workforce and our communities.

One of the election’s most contentious issues, this election asks voters to dramatically alter California’s labor laws. In this issue, President Andrea Zinder explains how giant  “gig companies” are trying to carve out exceptions to the laws that prevent workers from being exploited. Gig companies like Instacart are trying to undermine, not expand worker stability.

Readers can also discover how the pandemic has forced unions to alter their usual activities dramatically. Local 324 activist and Executive Board member Matt Walters talks about how union membership has helped amplify his passions in ways he didn’t see coming.

And finally, our comprehensive list of endorsements is prominently featured. It represents the collective efforts of dozens of local unions that spent time interviewing candidates and researching ballot initiatives to identify who and what helps advance Labor’s agenda.

Local 324 officials urged members to read through this issue and familiarize themselves with the issues and candidates on the ballot, stressing that its pages contain all the ingredients needed to make truly informed choices this year.

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