UFCW 324’s electoral endorsements are determined through a member-led process with advice from the California labor community. Members meet with candidates and determine who has demonstrated their commitment to workers’ futures, including higher wages, good quality jobs and health care, and the ability to stand up for themselves on the job.

The choices voters make this year will have long-lasting effects on working people, and we feel the candidates listed below will provide opportunities for and support working people and their families.

UFCW members are endorsing Kim Nguyen-Penaloza for Congress because Kim knows the challenges we face in Southern California, especially the rising cost of living, housing, education, and healthcare. In Congress, she will work to increase housing affordability, invest in job training to help raise wages, and reduce inflation so working families in Southern California can thrive. UFCW 324 is proud to support Kim Nguyen-Penaloza for CD 45!

Farrah Khan has consistently stood with UFCW 324’s members, from supporting Hero Pay for workers during the pandemic and advocating for CVS workers to have a voice on the job through UFCW. As a member of the Orange County Board of Supervisors, Farrah will expand access to quality healthcare services, improve educational opportunities, and develop affordable housing programs that cater to diverse income levels, including workforce housing. UFCW 324 members are proud to support Farrah for Orange County Board of Supervisors this March.

We know Dave Min’s leadership skills, legislative experience and ability to achieve results will benefit UFCW 324’s members in Southern California. That’s why we’re supporting him for Congress in California’s Primary Election March 5, 2204. Dave will expand efforts to fund affordable housing, including the creation of new housing and the easing of barriers that prevent lower income households from accessing housing. He also has a 100% voting record of supporting UFCW members’ priorities in Sacramento in 2023, and we’re proud to support him in his candidacy for CD 47.

US Senate

Katie Porter

Adam Schiff

Barbara Lee


Congressional District 40:  Open

Congressional District 45:  Kim Nguyen-Penaloza

Congressional District 46:  Lou Correa

Congressional District 47:  Dave Min

Congressional District 49:  Mike Levin


State Senate

District 37:  Josh Newman


State Assembly

District 59:   No Endorsement

District 67:  Sharon Quirk-Silva

District 68:  Avelino Valencia

District 70:  No endorsement

District 71:  No endorsement

District 72:  No endorsement

District 73:  Cottie Petrie-Norris

District 74:  Chris Duncan


Board of Supervisors

District 3:  Farrah Khan


Board of Education

District 1:  Beatriz Mendoza

District 3:  Nancy Watkins

District 4:  David Johnson