Member of the Week: Claudia Barajas

Claudia Barajas of Food 4 Less #393, is a former SPUR (Special Project Union Representative) from the Fresh & Easy Campaign in 2008. She was part of a small contingent of UFCW members that traveled to Fresh & Easy’s corporate headquarters in London on a fact-finding mission in early 2008. While there, Barajas stunned an audience of TESCO shareholders when she used the company’s “open-mic” period at its annual shareholders meeting to voice concerns about the company’s anti-union practices in the United States (read cover story of July-August 2008 Umagazine).

Barajas has been with Food 4 Less for about five years, working her way up from a utility clerk, through the service deli and into the frozen foods section. Barajas’ hobbies include participating in rallies, dancing and playing soccer.