Member of the Week: Bruce Reeves

Bruce Reeves of Ralphs #154, has been a member of the Executive Board since just after the strike/lock-out of 2003/04. Reeves started as a courtesy clerk in 1979 working his way through to the meat department as a meat cutter.

Funny enough, his first ever-union rep was our president, Greg Conger.

As a single dad Reeves says that he has little “free time”, but enjoys coaching little league baseball.

When asked what inspired him to get more involved he said representative Frank Simkins played and integral part. “Before and during the strike/lock-out of 03/04 Frank talked to me about the possible strike and how important our roles as members were. My proudest moment was going into those Vons stores and pulling those workers out to strike. Seeing Frank’s professionalism and the way he helped our members made me want to be a bigger part.”

Reeves says that he is happy to be a dad to his two teenagers, a union member and executive board member and a meat cutter third.