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Ralphs Actions: Photos

Members continue to bring friends and supporters to Ralphs stores this week to spread the message that management’s delays are keeping us in limbo without a contract. Customer support is solid and most appreciate our offer to give them 6 hours notice if we go on...

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ALERT: Customer Mobilization Begins Next Week

ALERT: Customer Mobilization Begins Next Week We just left the negotiation table today. After we gave several comprehensive proposals on healthcare and wages, management’s response was to only offer another nickel a year. Right now, management can’t make it any clearer – they think they can offer pennies and jeopardize our health care and pensions because we won’t stand up. It’s time to remind them of the relationships we have with our customers and the impact we can have in our stores and communities. Here’s what to expect next week: Your reps and stewards will reach out to you...

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