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What Happens When Our Contract Expires?

The grocery contract covering our store expires on March 3, 2019. What happens on March 4th? 1. The protections of the contract stay in place. Your hours, wages, benefits, and job protections will remain in force. 2. As long as we are still in bargaining the company must abide by the contract, and our union will continue to enforce it and represent you in the workplace. 3. Our union negotiators are working hard to get management to the table. Management is slow-walking negotiations to try and force a bad deal. Despite our union’s efforts, the companies refused to bargain before the expiration of our contract. First bargaining...

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Kroger CEO talks about company’s E-commerce Acceleration

Link to original article January 14, 2019 – Business Insider reports on an interview with Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen in which he talked about how Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods – which he said was long anticipated in his own company – has served to “accelerate” Kroger’s commitment to e-commerce. According to the story, McMullen “added that Kroger was able to ‘leverage’ Harris Teeter’s existing technology and tech team in order to ‘accelerate’ its own digital position. In 2018, Kroger Co.’s digital sales were a $5 billion business. And the grocer is predicting that that number could nearly...

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