Member of the Week: Martha Hernandez

Martha Hernandez of Central Parking has been in the industry for about four years. Hernandez is a cashier, parking attendant, and office assistant at Central Parking in Long Beach. When asked how she met her representative, she said that things were not going well on the job and to help out representative Jeri Hander stepped in. After smoothing things over Hander asked Hernandez to step in as liaison or Union Steward. Hernandez accepted.

Q: What is it you like most about your job?

A: “The Union. My job is undesirable and being in the helps.”

Hernandez’s hobbies include reading, walking, and playing with her 6 grandchildren.

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“I was raised in a union home, my brother(s) are union members too. I like making a difference for my co-workers and am educating myself on union issues.”