Member of the Week: Linda Peterson

Linda Peterson of Albertsons #6525 has been in the industry for 9 years. She was hired as a Starbucks Manager and is currently a GM Manager.

Peterson’s hobbies include spending what time she can with her family, reading, camping, spending time with her grandchild and being active in Boyscouts.

When asked what inspired her to get more involved she said, “I got involved during the Strike/lockout on the picket line. I had never had a union job before and was locked-out on my 1 year anniversary. I became the back-up steward for my store, started attending the Labor Studies classes at the union and decided that I want to make a difference.”

Q: What is it you like most about your job?

A: “I love helping people. Whether it be customers or my co-workers, I like to know that I can make a difference.”

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