Member of the Week: Laurinda Fiddler

Laurinda Fiddler has become synonymous with Union inside the gates of Disneyland. It is a fitting distinction considering that many in the union’s Buena Park headquarters describe Fiddler as “the face of Disneyland,” as one employee put it.

She has been a union steward at Disney for several years and currently sits on the Local 324 Executive Board. Fiddler’s pro-union outlook comes as no surprise to those who know her. She came from a union family, proudly boasting that her father’s membership in the teamsters “laid the groundwork” for her current role.

“Nothing gets by Laurinda,” said Secretary-Treasurer Andrea Zinder. “She has a passion for defending all workers.”

Fiddler’s current devotion to her union stems, she said, from years of watching her company evolve from a family-oriented business whose mission was to “make people happy” into a worldwide goliath that that sees only profit margins and growth statements.

“I got passionate about the union after seeing Walt Disney’s dream disappear,” she said.

Fiddler’s spouse, Steven, also works at Disneyland.

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