Confidential Questionnaire

Confidential Questionnaire for Albertsons #2141

Please answer these questions as truthfully as possible. Provide as much detail as possible. All answers are strictly confidential and will not be shared with any of your co-workers, members of management, or labor relations without your permission.

questionnaire for A-2141
Are you aware of any member of management engaging in harassing, discriminating, belittling, or threatening behavior toward you or your co-workers?
Are you aware of any member of management insulting or yelling at you or your co-workers face-to-face or through the store’s internal communication system?
Have you witnessed a member of the management team make disparaging or derogatory comments of an employee to another co-worker?
Are you aware of members of management engaging in favoritism when it comes to scheduling or job duties?
Have you experienced direct or indirect threats of a transfer or alteration of the schedule because you have reported incidents to the Union or because you have filed a grievance?
Are you aware of any time where you or your co-workers have been asked, encouraged, or forced to work off the clock?
Are you aware of any situation where management has altered or changed time clock punches in manner that reflect false punches?
Is the schedule altered or modified after it has been posted?
Are you in fear that you may be retaliated against by management if you report to the Union or the Company any of the issues or concerns with management’s behavior?

Please provide the contact information below so the Union Representative can follow up with you if needed. Again, please know that all information is confidential.


*Your Union Representative will contact you to discuss your answers in more detail.