Available and self-restricted grocery status can be changed twice a year only

All part-time clerks in grocery stores that include Albertsons, Gelsons, Ralph’s, Stater Bros, Von’s and Super A Foods may change their status two times per year to either available or self- restricted.

This selection must be done in writing to your employer during the last seven days of January or July of each year.

This status affects your ability to exercise seniority rights in lay-offs and in the claiming of additional hours. In most cases, available clerks may exercise more rights, including the ability to claim hours from self-restricted clerks that are scheduled more hours for any given week even if they are more senior.

An “available” part-time clerk has declared that they are available for a 40-hour week in any five days.

Generally, self-restricted clerks are members who attend school or have other reasons for desiring to work fewer hours.  A self-restricted clerk is declaring their unavailability to work 40 hours in any five days. They may only exercise their seniority rights separately to other self- restricted clerks within their classification.

Note: Being self-restricted does not allow members to specify when they can and cannot work. Those requests are made to your store manager and most companies will accommodate reasonable restrictions and requests.

Contact your union representative if you have any questions about how availability may affect your seniority.