Cannabis Membership Survey

The United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 324 is conducting a research survey to identify members who want to be more involved in your Union. With membership involvement, we can improve the cannabis industry employment standards. With your participation in the survey below, we can achieve this.

The cannabis industry is growing at a fast scale, more shops are opening and a few are closing. As expected the industry itself is volatile but even though there is volatility, profits are still growing exponentially for some employers. We need to make sure that the profits are not just going to the pockets of the employers but also to those that make the industry work – which are the workers. Please fill out every question you can. If you have any questions please contact Luis Vega (714) 822-9308 for more information.


Cannabis Membership Survey 2023

Personal Information

Zip Code

Your Cannabis Industry History

How long have you been in the cannabis industry?
What area(s) of the cannabis industry have you worked in? (Check all that apply)
What job title)s) have you held? (check all that apply)

Previous Cannabis Industry Experience

Have you worked at a non-union cannabis dispensary? (not including trap shops) (check all that apply)
Have you worked at a non-union cannabis grow? (check all that apply)

Cannabis Industry Contacts

Do you know anyone who is currently employed at a non-union cannabis dispensary?

Interest in Cannabis Industry Positions

Are you looking for a new or second job in the cannabis industry?
If you are looking for a new/second job are you looking for:
What type of job are you looking for in the cannabis industry? (check all that apply)
How far would you be willing to commute for work in the cannabis industry?