Kaiser Update

Update on 9/10/21

Because of management’s approach, these negotiations are in serious trouble – unlike anything our Alliance unions have experienced with Kaiser Permanente since the 1990’s,” said Alliance chief negotiator Hal Ruddick. “Unless management dramatically changes course, this conflict will continue to escalate. The Alliance is united, strong, and ready to stand up for our members and our patients

Update on 9/1/21

The Alliance’s new analysis shows that if implemented, KP’s proposal would see newly-hired USW mobility techs, housekeeping attendants, and dietary aides in the Inland Empire earning less than California minimum wage! KP’s proposed two-tier system would only make the wage injustice in the Inland Empire worse.

Update on 8/31/21

Update on 8/26/21


Starting Tuesday, August 31st! UNION SOLIDARITY TUESDAYS!

On Tuesday, we will wear our union colors, buttons, and stickers in solidarity with our bargaining team. Take a selfie and tell us why you agree safe staffing is important. Use the hashtags #SafeStaffingSavesLives #BestJobsBestCare #UFCW324


Update on 8/6/21

Update on 7/28/21

As COVID-19 hospitalizations continue to climb and those who provide patient care and service have to dig deep to weather another surge, Kaiser Permanente execs can’t be bothered to put a proposal on the bargaining table. Instead of thanking those who fought on the front lines to save lives, KP execs are using this moment to try to maximize profit. Our Alliance bargaining team will not stand by as KP attempts to wring concessions from the workers who have always provided the best care and service — and gave everything during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the latest national bargaining update below.