Open Letter to Kaiser members

November 24, 2016

Coalition Union Brothers and Sisters,
Keeping our promise as your Coalition union leaders, we recently met again with Kaiser Permanente management on the progress of the financial performance of the Southern California region and what that means for your Performance Sharing Program (PSP) bonus.

You’ll soon be getting reports on how we are doing. The company has had a couple of good months, and teams are working hard on many of our goals. Our success depends on everyone pitching in and stepping up. Please continue to do your best, and help others do the same.

Remember: You, as workers on the front line, have the expertise and the commitment to make Kaiser Permanente the best place to give and receive care. And we, your union leaders, will always be your advocates for a fair share in KP’s success.

We’ll continue to seek joint solutions that help the company and the unions grow. We ask you to stay on track, and as always, talk to your union representatives if you have concerns and questions.

In unity,

Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions, AFL-CIO—Southern California