Workers and Anaheim Residents Prevail over Disney’s Bogus Attempt to Evade Measure L!

This afternoon, the California Supreme Court decided not to hear Disney’s appeal in the Measure L case, clearing the way for our Disney members to finally get what they deserve after five years! 

Workers, our fellow unions, and community members fought hard for Measure L, Anaheim’s minimum wage law, in 2018, so resort area workers who make the magic for guests from around the world would have a living wage. 

This decision is a huge victory for our unions and sets the stage for our contract negotiations next Spring/Summer. We have the opportunity to fight for more by showing we’re stronger together and when we are united, we can ensure Disney workers are treated with dignity and are respected.

We are figuring out what the timeline is for potential back payments and exactly how the decision will affect our members. We will keep you updated as we learn more.