Layoffs, reductions and protecting your hours. Know your contract and cross-over regulation

We have recently suffered our latest round of layoffs and reductions with at least two of our major food companies, Albertsons and Vons. Hours are tight in both Staters and Ralphs, but it appears they will not have any layoffs at this time.

In order to protect yourself and your co-workers, it is important that we understand the contract and that we report all contract violations to the union immediately.

The food contracts covering Albertsons, Ralphs, Vons, Staters and Gelsons Markets all have identical language that restricts the use of courtesy clerks and general merchandise clerks.

Article 5U covers G.M. clerks and sets the requirements on proper scheduling, pay and the use of these clerks when they cross-over and work as food clerks. It eliminates the company’s ability to use this program when there is a layoff or a full time reduction in that store. The company may not intentionally or knowingly under schedule food clerks to facilitate the use of this article.

Article 6J limits the use of clerks helpers to work in a higher classification. The company may only utilize this provision so long as it does not exceed 15% of the total hours scheduled for clerks helpers during that work week.

Example: 200 clerks helper hours x 15%= 30. Thirty hours is the total number of hours that may be used that week for work in a higher classification (Food and G.M.). A penalty is paid out to the most senior part time clerks for all hours worked by clerks’ helpers in excess of this limit.

These contract provisions are there for your protection and violations should be reported immediately once they occur. Our contracts have a limited time period that grievances must be filed or they will be considered untimely (null and void).

Should you have any questions about this or any contract provisions please contact either your union representative or the rep on duty at our office.