EAZE Santa Ana Organizing and Bargaining Update 9/13/2023

With your successful Union Election, the power of EAZE workers across the State of California has grown exponentially. Currently, workers at 13 of the 14 depots that operate in California have voted to go Union!

This process has taken many months, but together, you and your co-workers have demanded Eaze show you respect on the job and provide you with dignity and fair compensation for the work that you do.

The Eaze bargaining committee, consisting of two worker spokespeople from each unionized depot, has been crafting language proposals and met for the first time with the company via Zoom on August 17th for negotiations.

The next scheduled negotiations are set for September 26th, 2023. Ricky and Austin from the Santa Ana depot serve on your bargaining committee and will be present for these negotiations. At the meeting, we will continue to discuss language issues, such as grievance procedures, seniority language, and the basic enforcement of a Union contract with the company for the next negotiations.

Economic issues, such as wages, mileage compensation, healthcare and other monetary issues have not been developed yet. The Union locals in California have reached out to the company and requested an extensive amount of information to help construct an economic proposal that will benefit all Eaze workers. So far, the company has provided some of the information requested, but we are still waiting for the rest.

The negotiations process will take some time and it is vital during these next several months that you and your co-workers remain engaged and informed.

We will be sending out regular updates as new information becomes available, and you can always speak with Ricky or Austin who serve on the bargaining committee, or the organizers at UFCW 324 if you have any questions.

Again, congratulations on your election victory and your solidarity in fighting for Eaze workers in Santa Ana and across California!