November 2018

UFCW Retail Food Division Members:

Our contract expires on March 3rd of next year.

The expiration of this Collective Bargaining Agreement gives us the chance to change or improve our wages, benefits, and working conditions.

Our industry is changing, and we expect these negotiations to be challenging. But if we are prepared and we STAND TOGETHER we can win at the bargaining table and improve our jobs.

The contract expiration is just over 4 months away and it’s time for us to begin preparing. We’re in this together and your opinions and information are crucial to a successful contract.

We need your input. The contract survey below is your opportunity to voice your concerns and ideas for issues that need to be addressed in these negotiations.

This survey will only be used to develop proposals and bargaining strategies for the upcoming negotiations. Your responses will not be shared with your Company.

Please take the Survey by December 7, 2018.

Click Here To Take The Survey