Last Tuesday, UFCW 324 worked with Tustin Mayor Letitia Clark to put Hero Pay on the agenda for Grocery and Drug retail workers in the City of Tustin.  The ordinance would have paid Tustin grocery and drug store workers $4/hour for 4 months in recognition of the hard work and sacrifice our members have made during this pandemic.

Unfortunately, the measure failed to pass. Three of the five councilmembers voted No, stating that the City had no right to make private industry pay a higher wage.  We fundamentally disagree with Councilmembers Barry Cooper, Austin Lumbard, and Ryan Gallagher.  Grocery and drug store workers are heroes and deserve to be treated that way.  On Election Day in November 2022, we must be politically engaged to make sure Tustin voters reject these useless politicians who don’t stand with workers.

Five UFCW 324 members and other supporters spoke at the Council meeting to push for Hero Pay.  Their testimony was exceptionally moving, and we appreciate that they took time out of their busy day to educate the public about what workers have faced this last year.

Despite the disappointing vote, we are committed to continue to work with Mayor Clark to make sure that Tustin workers get what they deserve.