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No experience with unions? No problem. You can start a union at almost any company as long as you and your coworkers decide your job would be better with a union to back you up.

UFCW Local 324 represents more than 22,000 workers in Orange County and parts of Los Angeles County.

We are a diverse workforce in the grocery, retail, drug store, banking, food processing, packaging, and cannabis industries.

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Union Membership


On average, union members make 30% more than non-union workers Up to employer discretion with no oversight
Working Conditions, such as fair treatment, guaranteed rest and lunch breaks are enforced by a union contract Up to employer discretion with no oversight
Union members on average have more vacation days, more paid leave, and greater job security than non-union workers No guarantees and can be reduced overnight
Union members negotiate with management as equals over wages, benefits, and working conditions No guarantees and can be reduced overnight
Free college for you and your family No guarantees
A dispute procedure that legally protects you against unfair discipline or dismissal No guarantees
Protections against any harassment from management No guarantees
Respect in your workplace No guarantees

Steps to forming your Union

A better life comes from the power of workers standing together. It is what our UFCW Local 324 union family fights for every day.

A union is a group of workers, standing together to have a voice at the workplace. We believe in fairness and community, and we are driven by the principle that EVERYONE has the right to a good quality of life. You work hard every single day to help provide for you and your family. Your voice is your power and the power that comes from joining the UFCW.

Step 1: Unite with your co-workers

Unite with your co-workers. A committee of workers and UFCW 324 representatives will gather union support on union interest cards from workers who support forming a union. Interest cards do not make you a union member and these cards are not seen by your employer.

Step 2: File a petition

A petition is filed and a voting date is set. When a strong majority of workers shows interest in forming the union, UFCW 324 will present the cards to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), an agency of the federal government, and will ask them to conduct a secret ballot election.

Step 3: Vote UNION YES

When a majority of workers “VOTE YES,” we have the right to sit down with management to negotiate a contract and improve wages, benefits, and working conditions.

Step 4: Negotiations

A committee made up of workers and UFCW 324 representatives will meet with the company to negotiate the specific benefits you would like to see in your first contract.


Step 5: Vote on your contract

When a contract is negotiated, the union will thoroughly explain the contract and workers will decide to accept or reject the offer. Thirty (30) days after the contract is accepted and ratified, workers become union members and begin paying union dues.

The Federal Law protects you

The National Labor Relations Act, Section 7 States:
“Employees shall have the right to self-organization, to form, join, or assist labor organizations, to bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing, and to engage in other concerted activities of collective bargaining.”


It is illegal for your employer or management to:

Ask employees if they support the union or have signed a union card
Tell you that the company will fire or punish employees for engaging in union activities
Tell employees that existing benefits will be discontinued if you unionize
Promise promotions, raises, or offer benefits if employees oppose forming a union
Say unionization will force the company to lay off employees
Say the company will go out of business or close if you form a union


UFCW 324 organizes these major industries

We believe that success should be shared and that employees should be able to join together to improve their life, their job, and the company they work for.