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Start Earning HRA Dollars Now

Don’t let a year go by without taking full advantage of the My Health/My Choices Incentive Program.

When you complete Healthy Activities – like updating your contact information or getting a health screening – you earn funds for your Health Reimbursement Account (HRA). The higher your HRA balance, the less you pay of your own money for medical deductibles, prescription drugs, and other covered expenses.

Most of the activities are easy. Doing them can help improve your life and keep money in your wallet.

How Your HRA Helps You Pay Less for Health Care

Do you understand how your HRA works to help you pay less of your own money for health care? It’s not all that complicated.

How you and the Indemnity PPO Medical Plan share costs

  • You must pay an annual deductible with your own money. The deductible applies for most non-preventive medical services (like a visit to your doctor’s office because you have the flu or a hospital stay).
  • Once you meet the deductible, you and the plan share costs through coinsurance. (For example, if you are a Plan A Participant, the plan pays 80% coinsurance and you pay 20% for in-network care. If you are a Plan B Participant, the plan pays 75% coinsurance and you pay 25% for in-network care.)
  • You also pay set costs called copays for most prescription drugs. Where the HRA comes inThe Fund uses the balance in your HRA to pay your share of the costs for your care. Your HRA balance can reduce the money you pay out of your own wallet for your medical deductible, coinsurance, and prescription drug copays.The bottom line: A bigger HRA balance means the plan pays more of your health care costs, and you pay less.

For additional information, see the Fund’s website.