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Company Policy

Every company that we represent has numerous company policies that employees are expected to have read and are required to follow. These policies are handed out at various times from management along with a sign-off page that will go into your personnel file. These policies may vary from department and some, such as time and […]

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GM Cross Over Pay

When hours for Food Clerks become tight, management tends to rely more and more on General Merchandise (G.M.) Clerks crossing over to the Food Clerk classification to get the job done. Historically pay issues were easily spotted and corrected by members at store level by simply bringing it to the attention of the Store Director. […]

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Scheduling Vacations

Summer is quickly approaching and members are beginning to plan and schedule vacations. It is important to follow some basic advice to ensure that your time off is granted, especially before making reservations and purchasing tickets for travel. It never fails, that many of our members’ vacations are cancelled or rescheduled and family plans are […]

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