Pharmacist Negotiation Update 4/19

Dear Union Pharmacists,

For the first time ever, 11 rank-and-file pharmacists sat at the bargaining table representing you in negotiations with management from Albertsons/Vons/Pavilions and Ralphs. We are reaching out to update you on our negotiations and to involve you in our fight to achieve the best possible pharmacy contract.

Our goals are to achieve an increase in wages that keeps pace with inflation and to ensure that pharmacists have the staff necessary to serve their customers promptly and safely. Unfortunately, the companies are not listening to our concerns at the bargaining table.

At this point, we need to do more to make the company understand that all their union pharmacists are willing to stand together to achieve our goals. To stand with us, please reach out to one of the bargaining committee members listed below and join our zoom call on May 1st.

Join the Zoom call, May 1 at 7:30PM with this link: 


Jessi Crowley, Local 770



Max Olshansky, Local 770



Dorothy Hutchings, Local 770



Janteen Yeftadounaee, Local 770

(424) 835-1384


Jean Drexler, Local 324



Tim Rifenberg, Local 324



Kristen Merritt, Local 324



Voy Yik, Local 324



Katayoun (Katy) Rousta, Local 324



Lan Vuong, Local 324


[Zoom registration link]