Syed Karim named Steward of the Year

In a year that offered plenty of qualified candidates for the honor, Syed Karim from Pavilions became the third  steward to earn the coveted title “Steward of the Year.”

Karim became a recognized personality at the union hall when he volunteered to help organizers carry the message to  the employees at Fresh & Easy last year.  The activity soon evolved to a  full-time  job when he became a SPUR.

Karim’s instinct to lend a hand carried over into virtually every activity in which Local 324 requested volunteers—he has since raised his voice at numerous other rallies.

His reaction to garnering the honor captured Karim’s modest disposition.

“I didn’t volunteer because I wanted to win a great prize I volunteered because they asked me,” he said. “It is a great honor that I will remember always.”