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Yesterday, we held two Disney negotiation update meetings with the Master Services unions and participation was great!

Your member bargaining committee has been hard at work at the negotiating table addressing the many important issues that are important to you, including workplace safety, wages, seniority, scheduling, and recognition for your work.

Disney is emerging stronger than ever, reopening and having massive success with their Disney Plus streaming. They received $500 million in government aid from programs like the CARES Act and are in the early stages of significantly expanding their Anaheim location. With all of their success, they still refuse to acknowledge workers who create the magic!

We need to stand together to let Disney know workers need a contract offer that improves workers’ quality of life. We have launched an online petition, and we need your help to share it far and wide! Please sign the petition and share it with friends and family. As we move forward, we’ll notify you of other ways to get involved.

Sign the petition here:

Thank you again for your participation! We regularly send members texts with updates. If you have not opted in to receive texts,  please contact your union representative, Jason Floyd.