Rite Aid Negotiation Update 5-17

May 17, 2018

Rite Aid Negotiation Update – On 5/15, less than one week prior to the long scheduled 5/21 start date for bargaining, Rite Aid canceled the meeting and said they were not prepared to begin. This is the second cancelation. We are now scheduled to begin June 1. Your Union has been requesting dates since late March.

We are disappointed by this delay by Rite Aid. Rite Aid members work hard under stressful conditions. Our goal is to conclude negotiations by contract expiration date of July 14. These repeated cancelations will make that difficult.

Your union is prepared to meet frequently in the next month and to negotiate a good contract for our Rite Aid members. We hope Rite Aid management will recognize your hard work and dedication and stop delaying and begin scheduling dates.

We will update this site as more information becomes available. Stay strong and united for a good contract.