Rite Aid Contract Survey

Dear Rite Aid Member:

Your current collective bargaining agreement expires on July 14, 2018 and, based on recent experience with Rite Aid, we think these negotiations are going to be very challenging. In order to be sure this contract addresses your concerns, we need to begin preparing early. All of the Southern California Locals are working together to create an action plan for these negotiations and member involvement will be a fundamental part of this plan. Your support and unity in the next several months is more important than ever. Rite Aid management will be evaluating your strength and resolve as they prepare for negotiations and our ability to obtain a fair and equitable contract is dependent on your solidarity and participation.

Please take the time to fill out this contract questionnaire by FridayMarch 9, 2018 as it will help your union bargaining committee prepare for these negotiations. All surveys will be read and tabulated and your comments are very important to us.

We will keep you informed as our campaign progresses in the stores, in the community and at the bargaining table through text messages, mailings, here on our website, the ufcw324 app and your union representatives.

Thank you!