Retail Food and Meat Negotiation Update

Today, the Unions and Employers were able to work out a solution to IRS Code section 412(e) funding issues that have been holding up negotiations. This is an extremely important development that will allow our pension plan to emerge from critical status by increasing the Employer contribution rate by reasonable amounts over the next several years. This does not, however, resolve the pension issues entirely. We still have to make sure that the Employers agree to pay those reasonable amounts as part of our overall settlement.

Now that we have resolved this important funding issue, we are scheduling multiple negotiation sessions so that we can move forward to address all of the important issues affecting our members, including maintaining our pension and health care plans, hours of work, scheduling, job security and securing wage increases for all grocery employees. This certainly will be an uphill battle so it is important to stay strong and united.

Please make sure the Union has your current e-mail address and cell phone number so we can update you with the newest developments.  If you have questions or hear rumors, please contact your Union Representative.