Retail Food and Meat Negotiation Update

We have just concluded our initial negotiations session since resolving the IRS pension funding issues that were holding up negotiations. (Although the IRS issue is resolved, we must still get agreement from Albertsons/Vons and Ralphs to fully fund our pension and health plan.) We have some additional dates scheduled in the month of April, but we know from prior years that we will need to many more dates and whenever possible, full weeks in order to fully address our proposals for fair wage increases, better scheduling practices and maintaining medical and pension benefits.We have demanded more dates in May and June and are waiting for responses from the Company bargainers.

The need for unity and strength is more important now than ever. The companies’ initial opposition to fair wage increases and no reductions in medical and pension can only be countered at the bargaining table when they understand that their employees are one hundred percent (100%) behind these demands and will take action to support them.

When your Union Representative or Steward asks for your commitment, please respond with a definitive YES. If your manager or coworker asks if you stand with the Union, tell them ABSOLUTELY. Remember, the best way to avoid a dispute is to be prepared and united.Our success at the bargaining table is determined by your strength in the stores.

We will continue to update this site regularly. Please provide your steward with your updated cell phone number for text alerts.