Pharmacist FAQ

Pharmacist 12-hour revocation of OT waivers –
Frequently Asked Questions

On June 1st, your bargaining committee, made up of your fellow pharmacists and union, presented the companies with the large number of waiver revocations you submitted. When managers and supervisors saw how many of you came together to create leverage at the bargaining table, they began violating federal labor law in an attempt to intimidate and weaken your resolve to get the contract you deserve. We have filed numerous charges with the National Labor Relations Board to immediately address these violations as we continue to bargain for the contract you deserve.

To be clear, we are still in negotiations for a contract that guarantees your hours, pay, and benefits. The games these companies are playing right now are meant to intimidate you into accepting a deal that is less than what you deserve.

Here are some questions we have received about the company’s response to your show of solidarity:

Q: Can the company cancel my vacation if it has already been approved?

A: Canceling a vacation which has been approved is a violation of your contract. We are planning to file a grievance and unfair labor practice charge against the company for these actions. If you are told that your vacation will be canceled, please contact us immediately!

Q: Can the company now schedule me every Saturday and Sunday because I revoked my waiver?

A: Scheduling you every weekend because you revoked your waiver can be considered retaliation against you for standing with your fellow union members to get a better contract. We filed an unfair labor practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board because it is against the law for companies to retaliate against you like this. We are gathering statements from affected pharmacists, so if this applies to you, please contact us.

Q: Can the company change the schedule of pharmacists who did not revoke the waiver?

A: Yes, as long as they still follow the contract and provide a 40-hour schedule.

Q: Can the company require me to work 40 hrs /week even if I have agreed to work fewer than 40 hours?

A: Yes, agreeing to work fewer than 40 hours does not mean you are guaranteed to get a schedule with fewer than 40 hours. However, the company cannot change an already posted schedule.

Q: Can the company schedule me for more than 40 hours in a week?

A: Yes, however if you are full time, you must be scheduled for at least five 8-hour days. You may be scheduled to work less than eight hours on one day a week, but it cannot be a Sunday.

These companies are only using these retaliatory tactics because they are afraid of what we can achieve when we stand together for a strong contract. We are making progress in these negotiations, and your strength and solidarity is what makes that possible.

When the company sees that you and your coworkers are united, it gives your union and bargaining committee the power it needs to secure us all a fair contract with the wages, benefits, and protections we deserve.