Negotiations Update 6/4/18


We have held 3 meetings with Rite Aid management about your next contract.

  • Your unity will determine our success at the bargaining table
  • Health care, full-time status and job security are the main issues

Management wants to take away your union health care plan and put you into a plan they control instead. This plan would require you to work 30 hours a week to simply qualify for benefits.

Management wants to take away more of your hours, and cut full-time employees by 25%.

These demands are unacceptable. How do we respond? STAND TOGETHER!

Under no circumstances will we allow the company to take away your health care plan. Management makes this proposal all the time, and we stop them. If we stick together we can defeat this again.

We are trying to increase wages, protect health care, increase your scheduling notice, and ensure more flexibility for part-timers. These are our goals, and if we stand united, we can achieve them.

For more information and future updates, call your union rep or check our website