Internship program

The United Food and Commercial Workers Local 324 represents primarily retail grocery store workers in Orange and Southern Los Angeles County. With close to 24,000 members, our need to communicate with those we serve takes various forms. We are currently in search of qualified interns to work in our Communications Department. The position requires a 20- hours per week commitment for approximately the length of one college semester (if your school’s internship program has established a different set of required criteria, we will work within those guidelines.)


Students pursuing degrees in the fields of Political Science or Communications are best suited for the wide array of projects and responsibilities this internship entails.

This site provides an overview of the kind of work experience an intern can expect to gain. To be sure, this is not a position designed to alleviate staff from housekeeping tasks such as perusing junk mail or filing paperwork. An intern will be considered an active member of the department staff and will have the opportunity to assist in all areas of the department’s far-reaching and vitally important mission.

After reviewing details, interested candidates should call the Communications Department to schedule an interview at (714) 995-4601 ext. 250



capitolLabor Unions are political entities through and through. Their survival in this environment requires a political savvy that comes from decades of experience operating the machinery of GOVERNMENT. Interns will have an inside perspective on how ORGANIZED LABOR works. State, county and municipal government requires a wholly different approach than lobbying on the federals level. Local interns have a vantage point for observing these inner workings and, in the process forever change their world view

Public Relations

PR meetinjgTargeted outreach to various media outlets has largely been a seasonal exercise, coming primarily in conjunction with contract negotiations or other mission-oriented activities. So as the Communications Department attempts to forge positive working relationships with media on a year-round basis, an intern will see how an organization like UFCW Local 324 approaches print, broadcast and professional trade press and crafts an overall MEDIA RELATIONS policy.

Print and Photo Journalism

umag-logo WRITING news, human-interest features and commentary on subjects related to the union and its members. UFCW Local 324 offers limitless opportunities for aggressive journalists to research and document creative approaches to these issues in a highly respected print format—U Magazine. Our main magazine and website rely on local staff for visual support as well. Reporters generally take their own PHOTOGRAPHS to compliment stories. Journalists will have access to a full range of state-of-the-art camera equipment and an on-site photography studio for that purpose. (UMagazine )


Website and Social Media

facebookThe INTERNET changed forever the way professional communicators reach their various audiences. SOCIAL MEDIA changed the internet forever. UFCW Local 324 operates an exemplary website and is expanding its reliance on this venue with every passing month. The onset of facebook and other social media open new and exciting ways we can reach a new generation of current and potential union members. Staying current on social media trends as well as contemporary thinking on effective design and content of websites will be a pivotal function of an intern. (Local 324 Facebook)


Pre and Post Video Produciton

324-tv-logoEvery aspect of video making ranging from the lighting and sound all the way through final editing is a primary responsibility of the Communications Department of UFCW Local 324. With the onset of social media, videos are rapidly becoming a preferred tool for public relations professionals to communicate with younger audiences. UFCW Local 324 is at the vanguard of that movement, having been recognized as a leader among unions across the country. Intern will have the opportunity to participate in video projects at all stages. (324tv: Video Gallery )


UFCW Local 324 Communications Department Internship Requirements


18 weeks 20 hours per week and hours will be set to accommodate student schedule Office hours are 8 to 5. Monday—Friday. News events or other mission-related activities sometimes require weekend assignments, but they are rare.


Depending on skill level


Write/edit news, feature and commentary for publication in bi-monthly, four-color magazine. Take photographs for publication. Assist with all stages of video production for projects designed to disseminate information to a large internal audience. Produce content for posting on website ranging from local news and feature stories to hard copy within site itself. Remaining duties include activities in support of the daily operation of the Communications Department that may include research as well as maintenance of local video, sound and image archives.


Must be enrolled in college curriculum. Intern’s duties will be most beneficial to applicants pursuing a degree in a communications-related discipline. Applicants whose primary interest or academic goals are outside the communications field will not be excluded from consideration.


Interested applicants should call the UFCW Local 324 Communications Department to set up an interview. Applicants should familiarize themselves with the program by reviewing details at (click on contact us) Writing samples and/or videographic or other examples of completed work will be especially valuable in assessing applicant’s skill level.


8530 Stanton Avenue, Buena Park, CA 90620

Schedule Interview (714) 995-4601 ext. 250

Internship Application (download here)

Please download and print the above application and bring with you to your interview.

If you have any questions, please contact Todd Conger: 714/995-4601 x 250 or at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this internship paid or just a clever rue to exploit free labor from naïve college students?

A: The internship is paid, and depends on the candidate’s level of experience and skill. Ideally, a qualified candidate will have a least minimal exposure to both print and electronic journalism and will be able to competently perform in more than one of our primary mediums.

Q: How many hours a week are required?

A: The current requirement for active interns is 20 hours per week for the length of a college semester. If your school is using a different criteria on which to award credits toward graduation, we will do our best to accommodate those expectations. It is our sincere hope that this experience enriches your professional enriches your knowledge, improves your skills but also that you are academically recognized for it.

Q: Must I be enrolled in school to be an intern?

A: Yes and No. You must be in school pursuing a degree or recently graduated with one.

Q: What if I already have a degree?

A: Recent college graduates currently looking for work in a communications related field may apply for the position. The responsibilities of an intern will be similar to those of an entry level job in the field and, therefore, a worthwhile experience for recent graduate.


Q: May I participate in the internship if I am not a college student?

A: No you may not. This internship is solely for those currently enrolled or recently graduated from an academically accredited institution.

Q: If I perform well in the internship, will you guys hire me permanently?

A: No. But it could lead to other opportunities in the labor movement.

Q: May I include letters of recommendation to submit along with my internship application?

A: Sure. You may give us anything that helps shine some light on your qualifications for this position. Although less is not more in this situation, too much is likely to be irritating.