Disney Members

Update on 6/2/21

The UFCW 324 negotiating team and the other Unions that are included in the Master Services Agreement have been meeting with the Walt Disney Company for the last three weeks, negotiating both the Disneyland and DCA contracts. As the Disneyland contract expiration date quickly approaches, it is apparent that negotiations will continue past June 16. On June 2, UFCW 324 agreed to an extension of the contract with the Company through June 30 and day to day thereafter subject to 72 hours’ notice.

With our collective voices provided in the pre-negotiation survey, we continue to address the issues that are important to you, including workplace safety, wages, seniority, and the flexibility of and maximizing scheduled hours.

As the talks continue, we will keep you updated on developments.  Let’s remain strong! We are UFCW 324!

A special “Thank You” to the committee members for all their hard work in representing our local!

Laurinda Fiddler-  Disneyland Main Street West
Coleen Palmer- Disneyland Critter Country/New Orleans
Charlene Tomoyasu (Rylene Ngo) – Team Centers/Company D
Kit Wilson- Disneyland Fantasyland Back Of House
Michi Cordell- Disneyland Fantasyland/Bibbity Bobbity Boutique
Sabrina Vines- Disneyland East/Westside Back Of House
Adriana Soto- California Adventure Buena Vista Street/Hollywood
Davina Perez-Downtown Disney World Of Disney and Hotels