Disney UFCW 324 Members

Updated on 4/8/21

Updated Information about State Disability Payment for Recalled Employees who will need to take a disability or pregnancy leave. 

If you are recalled but cannot return to work because of a disability or pregnancy / maternity leave, file for State Disability.  Your disability amount will be calculated either based on your highest quarter of earnings in the past 18 months or the state unemployment benefits you received while on furlough or lay off.

If you need have questions about completing the paperwork, call Customer Relations at EDD at 916-657-5113.

1. Do I have to return to work if I am called back?
Cast members may opt not to return to work on their first call however all furloughed cast members will have to return by April 18. DCA cast members have all received at least one call, so the current calls are now mandatory.

2. If I already opted not to return once, does this count?
Yes, if you were previously called and are now called again, this is your second call.

3. If I am out of the area and cannot return by April 18, what are my options?You can ask for a personal leave and Disney will try to accommodate.

4. If I am unable to return to work now based on a doctor’s note of disability or pregnancy, what are my options?
You can request a medical leave of absence from Disney health as was the process in the past.

5. Will I be called back to my original work location?
Cast will be returning to their original work locations as those open and business needs dictate.  If you return before your location opens, you will be scheduled somewhere else until you are able to move home.

6. Where will we park?
Cast parking lots will be open the same as prior to the furlough.

7. Will shuttles be running?
Yes, however space will be more limited due to COVID distancing.  Management requests that you walk if possible, to leave shuttle room for cases in need.

8. How can I get priority for a vaccine?
Your union is frequently offered vaccine appointments for members.  Please call your Union Representative to put your name on a list for the next opportunity.

9. Will I receive pay for getting vaccinated?
A new CA law (SB 95) requires Employers to pay supplemental sick pay for reasons related to vaccines (including getting the vaccine and recovering if there is a reaction).

10. If I get COVID 19 or if I am required to quarantine due to exposure, will I receive pay?
A new CA law (SB 95) requires Employers to pay up to 80 hours of supplemental sick pay for quarantine time.

11. What about parents whose kids are still distance learning?
Management has said they will work Cast as much as possible on childcare needs. If anyone has specific concerns, all Cast have access to LifeCare at 1-800-873-1322 for help with childcare.

12. Will I receive attendance infraction for calling out based on my personal health checklist assessment?
The Company intends to continue the practice of not issuing attendance infractions for cast members who call out based on their personal health checklist assessment. This will be continued through May 31, 2021.

13. Who can I call if I still have questions?
Please call your Union Rep, Jason Floyd at 714-609-8993 or Izela Haro at 714-932-4718.