Boycott Food 4 Less

Boycott Food 4 Less

Boycott at Food 4 Less

Update: September 14, 2017

Union workers at Food 4 Less took their ongoing fight with parent company Kroger to a new level today by openly calling for a boycott of the store.

Workers were joined by union staff, activists and other supporters outside of some of the busiest locations today and distributed flyers to customers urging that they shop elsewhere.

“We are asking the workers inside to join us on their breaks and at lunch to help explain to customers that we need their help,” said UFCW Local 324 Exec. VP Matt Bell.

Customers could be seen conversing with pickets outside the Food 4 Less in Anaheim where a many of the boycott signs could be seen from Katella Avenue, the main street on which the property sits.

Several customers returned to their cars and shopped elsewhere as a way to show support to the workers they have grown familiar with over the years.

Other customers opted not to shop at the store simply to avoid what they deemed to be a hassle. Said one such mother of two and nearby resident who insisted we not use her name for the story said simply “I’m out of here. I want nothing to do with this,” while shaking her head and holding her hands up to shield her face.

Officials from Local 324 who have been through similar actions say this has become typical for Food 4 Less management in recent years.

“They like to push things to the 11th hour literally before there is any movement at the bargaining table,” said President Greg Conger. He added that the company has not yet put forth a proposal for consideration on any substantive issue during negotiations so far. “Time is running out for a amicable settlement,” he said.