Author: Todd Conger

Bell among a dozen arrested in Anaheim Labor rally

UFCW Local 324 Exec. VP Matt Bell was among about a dozen labor activists arrested by Anaheim police for blocking traffic at a major intersection in the Disney Resort area Jan. 24. The arrests came as part of a vocal march by hotel workers who are currently locked in stalled contract talks with major hotel chains in the Disney Resort area. Thousands turned out for the march and rally that began around 5 p.m. and lasted for about three hours, culminating in a dramatic series of arrests that took place as crowds cheered from the sidewalks. The current contract...

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UFCW members at Kaiser ratify national agreement

Thousands of UFCW members working at Kaiser Permenante from worksites and union halls nationwide cast ballots on a new three year collective bargaining agreement. A partnership of several unions, including the UFCW, has been in negotiations with Kaiser since early Summer on a comprehensive national contract that covers 45,000 workers at Kaiser hospitals, labs and pharmacies from coast to coast. The unions and company remained at loggerheads on a handful of issues before coming to a conclusion at the end of September. Kaiser’s workforce is as far flung in Orange County as it is across the country. As Kaiser...

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Tentative Agreement Reached

After nearly four months of CVS members standing together, negotiators for the UFCW and CVS have reached a tentative agreement. Members will have the opportunity to vote to accept or reject the new agreement and to get a full explanation of the terms in meetings that will be scheduled in the near future. President Greg Conger said the agreement was a direct result of the unity demonstrated by CVS members in recent weeks. “A special thanks to those members who wore their buttons daily and the shop stewards who attended meetings and held their co-workers together throughout this fight,”...

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Open Letter to Kaiser members

November 24, 2016 Coalition Union Brothers and Sisters, Keeping our promise as your Coalition union leaders, we recently met again with Kaiser Permanente management on the progress of the financial performance of the Southern California region and what that means for your Performance Sharing Program (PSP) bonus. You’ll soon be getting reports on how we are doing. The company has had a couple of good months, and teams are working hard on many of our goals. Our success depends on everyone pitching in and stepping up. Please continue to do your best, and help others do the same. Remember:...

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