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Customer Mobilization Effort Update

Members, We’ve been at the negotiation table for the past 2 days and will continue through Sunday. In the meantime, we want to give you an update on your customer mobilization effort: You and your coworkers have reached customers from San Luis Obispo to San Diego and Imperial counties You’ve hit 136 out of 196 Ralphs stores… and counting! You’ve handed out over 130,000 flyers, engaging hundreds of thousands of customers in only 2 days You are showing customers how much you care about them, and in return, customers are showing how much they value you. The connection you have with your customers and communities is clear: When we bring California’s working families together, we have the ability to make neighborhood grocery jobs better. If you have a great story or experience while engaging your customers, share it with us on our Facebook page:...

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Company Policy-Follow the rules and don’t take shortcuts

Every company has numerous company policies that members are expected to have read and are required to follow. These policies are handed out at various times from management along with a sign-off page that will go into your personnel file. These policies may vary among departments and some, such as time and attendance, may apply to all employees. Most of our members may be familiar with the policies to apply to their normal duties, but are lost when they are asked to work in other departments to fill in as needed. Some of our members who should be aware...

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