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Shop Steward Kenny is here to tell you all about the value of being a UFCW 324 member.


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“There was no 8-hour day, there was no overtime pay, there was no vacation pay, there was no holiday pay… there was none of the things you enjoy in a collective bargaining agreement until Organized Labor came along,”
-Greg Conger
Local 324 President

Scholarship Program

“The scholarship paid for most of my books and tuition… The things we get here are amazing,”

Local 324 member and scholarship recipient


Union Representation

“One of the primary jobs of a Union Rep at UFCW Local 324 is to service the members,”
-Matt Bell

Local 324 Union Representative



Medical BenefitsHealth Benefits

“The biggest benefit of union membership is obviously the healthcare benefits,”
-Jeff Weston
Local 324 member





“When my husband first started in the industry people would ask, ‘Are you going to retire from the industry?’, and we really didn’t think that would happen. You don’t think about things like that when you’re young,”

-Bonnie Ladbury
wife of Local 324 member