Yesterday marked the last action in a nine-day blitz in which more than 500 local volunteers passed out more than 36,000 leaflets to an equal number of customers, the vast majority of whom expressed support for our cause.

Together with the six other Locals in Southern California, the ambitious effort was the most comprehensive outreach of its kind in UFCW history and garnered more participation from rank-and-file members than any series of actions we have ever undertaken in support of collective bargaining.

Members and supporters are encouraged to attend a rally in Long Beach today at 3 p.m. Union leaders will give an update on ongoing negotiations and lead the crowd in a show of strength to the company that could be the target of a strike if progress isn’t made at the bargaining table.

“We have never seen the level of involvement by our members as we are seeing today. If this isn’t a wake-up call to Ralphs executives then they must be in a coma,” President Conger said

Members who work at Ralphs were joined by their union brothers and sisters from other companies who also have a stake in the outcome. Albertsons employee David Marquez said his decision to join recent actions was a “no-brainer.”

“Our contract expired in March and we have been in limbo ever since. This just isn’t right we’re here to fight for our future and against corporate greed,” he said, shouting to be heard over the chants of fellow protestors.