2018 Steward of the Year

President Greg Conger spoke at length about a steward who sat among the crowd, lavishing praise on the anonymous figure who he described as “100 percent devoted to the cause” of Labor. Conger went on to paint a picture of a steward who was always available to take part in an action or volunteer to help a candidate or similar local issue when called upon. Conger slowly revealed details about the  mysterious subject, concluding that the person in question had helped define the model union steward for years to come. When the last of the mystery was uncovered, 30-plus year union veteran, who works at Albertsons in Yorba Linda, Charles Swain stood up to receive the Matt Jefferson Steward of the Year award amidst an approving roar from the standing room only crowd packed into the auditorium. Swain appearing gratified and surprised at the same time modestly described the key to his success as a steward can be accessed by anybody in the Local at any time. “It’s a matter of showing up,” Swain said.