US Senate

Loretta Sanchez


55th Assembly District – Greg Fritchie
65th Assembly District – Sharon Quirk-Silva


29th Senate District – Sukhee Kang
37th Senate District – Ari E. Grayson


39th Congressional District – Brett Murdock
46th Congressional District – Joe Dunn
48th Congressional District – Dr. Suzanne Savary
49th Congressional District – Douglas Applegate

Superior Court Judge

Superior Court Judge Seat 40 – Larry Yellin
Superior Court Judge Seat 48 – Karen Schatzle

OC Board of Education

OC Board of Education, District 1 – Rebecca Gomez

OC Board of Supervisors

OC Board of Supervisors, First District – Michele Martinez


Ballot Measures

Proposition 51:  School Bonds. Funding for K-12 School, Community College Facilities. Recommend: Vote YES

Proposition 52: State Fees on Hospitals. Federal Medi-Cal Matching Funds.
Recommend: Vote YES

Proposition 53: Revenue Bonds. Statewide Voter Approval. (Cortopassi measure)
  Recommend: Vote NO

Proposition 54: Legislature. Legislation and Proceedings. (Munger 72-hr Rule)
Recommend: Vote NO

Proposition 55:  Tax Extension to Fund Education and Healthcare (Prop. 30 extension)  Recommend: Vote YES

Proposition 56: Cigarette Tax to Fund Healthcare, Tobacco Use Prevention, Law Enforcement. Recommend: Vote YES

Proposition 57: Criminal Sentences. Juvenile Criminal Sentencing. (Governor’s measure) Recommend: Vote YES

Proposition 58: California Education for a Global Economy. (Repeal Prop. 227)
Recommend: Vote YES

Proposition 59: Campaign Finance: voter instruction. (Citizens United, non-binding) Recommend: Vote YES

Proposition 60: Adult Films. Condoms. Health Requirements. Recommend: No Recommendation

Proposition 61: State Prescription Drug Purchases. Pricing Standards.
Recommend: No Recommendation

Proposition 62: Death Penalty. Repeal. Recommend: Vote YES

Proposition 63: Firearms. Ammunition Sales. Recommend: No Recommendation

Proposition 64: Marijuana Legalization. Recommend: No Recommendation

Proposition 65: Carry-out Bags. Charges. (Plastic bag manufacturers measure)
Recommend: No Recommendation

Proposition 66: Death Penalty. Procedures. (Pro-death penalty)
Recommend: Vote NO

Proposition 67: Referendum to Overturn Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags.     Recommend: Vote YES


Local City Council Recommendations


State & Federal Recommendations


School Board Recommendations